Spiritual Development

We have decided to add this section to our organisation’s web site because Sensei Sargeant feels that to train only in the technical side of the art, one will never find the complete art that O Sensei has put together.

The aim is to find Aikido: ‘The spiritual path to divine love’ 

"Those who initially just wish to train in the martial side of the art, known as Takemusu, ‘The fighting way’, may wish at some stage in their Aikido journey try to bring this together with the ‘the spiritual path’, as did O Sensei.

As with O Sensei, you may have to follow many different routes to find your own spiritual divine love; for this, only you can decide which paths of knowledge you will need to take. 
No one person can tell another what to study or how to find the depth of study to accomplish this in a set time frame.
What this section of the web site will try to do is to offer very diverse links and places for you to look, and then you can decide for yourself if you wish to add this information to your inner mind.

In this section, you can add articles from your favourite web sites and anything that is a healing or spiritual web link. We also hope that you will ask questions, and that others will give answers on what they have found, in the hope that you can help each other. 

But the main ingredient is for you to take what you feel deep inside your heart and mind to be the food of knowledge, thus taking you on to enlightenment and completing the puzzle of O Sensei’s Aikido.

This is not a religious path, and you do not have to think of it that way. Some may say that the word ‘spiritual’ is religious, but to me, in the search for true knowledge of Aikido, I only hope that you are looking to connect the part inside of you that does not feel complete; by reading and believing in a spiritual direction that speaks to you, I hope that you will receive the development that we are all looking for.

To build the body, just train; to build the mind, just train; to be complete, just listen to your Self. We rarely do."

Sensei Sargeant