A message from Paul McGlone Sensei

With effect from 10th June 2017 I have taken on the role of Registrar for our organisation.

I would like to say that Nicki Law has done a great job over the past few years in this difficult role, and on behalf of the Board I would like to thank Nicki for all her hard work.

I hope that as far as you are all concerned the transfer of the role of Registrar to me will be virtually seamless with regard to the recording of new members, issuing of membership books and dealing with membership renewals.

Any transfers to the TIAE account will be able to continue as before as there are no changes in that area.

Please send any new membership forms to me at

The Registrar
65 Alder Crescent
BH12 4BE

and email communications should be sent to paul.mcglone.aikido@gmail.com

I will, of course, be contacting all the Dojocho directly with any queries or clarifications I may have regarding their students details.

Once again, thank you to Nicki for her hard work and support over the years.

Paul McGlone Sensei

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