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  1. More honest and pertinent observations from a sincere student of the art of aikido.
    We must keep an open mind and explore other arts for answers to our questions, in order to form a more valid opinion of what works and what doesn’t in aikido and indeed what you want it to work for, because you might be expecting it to do something that it was never intended for.
    Perhaps there are those who hone their skills and effect the techniques of aikido in a martial way but in my opinion, that is not aikido, I believe that the ‘technique’ of doing aikido is not the same as the ‘techniques’ of aikido. If you know how they are throwing you or feeling the pain then they are not using aikido. The way of aiki surely is more subtle and is forever hidden from the attacker. Not easy, which is why so few find it. Thank you for these excellent vlogs.

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