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  1. I enjoy all of these vlogs, I suppose I am blessed that I found such a good teacher and now have lots of memories of my own. The low sunlight shining through the dojo windows … and if you had it right, into the eyes of your partner. Trouble is, they were aware of it too! On the point of observing another’s ‘mistakes’, sometimes it is not so much a mistake but that they could be better if they did something else, something extra or more aware. Similar to like you say, you don’t need to be a champion skater to see the perfection in a great skater or changes that could be made by a learner.
    I think I have found some things of interest which I would like to share but I suspect others doubt I have any use. That is a mistake to make that removes opportunity to advance. I’m not looking for business, just saying, eyes and mind open, regardless of the view. Many thanks for the vlogs.

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