TIAE Forms & Templates

TIAE Membership

Membership applications: please contact your Club Leader for an application form.

Membership fees: Membership costs for new members and annual renewals will be provided by your Club Leader.


Important information for Club Secretaries/Teachers: Please ensure that you send your new membership forms to the registrar


The TIAE and it's clubs are insured with Aikido Alliance UK 

Click the following link to view the Insurance Policy Schedule

Click the following link to view the Liability Policy Schedule

Click the following link to view the Venue Insurance Certificate

Click the following link to view the Incident Notification Form (MS Word Document download)


TIAE Kyu Grade Certificate Templates

T I A E - Kyu Grade Certificate
T I A E + T A A - Kyu Grade Certificate
T A A - Kyu Grade Certificate

Please download and use the appropriate Kyu Grade Certificate for your club when grading your students.

Guidelines for for prospective examinees:

  1. Kyu gradings should be held at all levels and not awarded in without a formal test.
  2. Discretion, regarding the type of testing may be applied to accommodate disability or a student's physical ability to complete the test.
  3. Clubs should publish set dates where grading windows will occur, well in advance and ideally covering a 12 month period.
  4. The following examination fees apply:
    • 6th Kyu/5th Kyu/4th Kyu - £10.00
    • 3rd Kyu/2nd Kyu - £15.00
    • 1st Kyu - £20.oo
  5. With each grade, a certificate (see above) and coloured belt should be presented by Club Leader/Examiner.
  6. A qualification period for testing (between Kyu grade levels) will be measured by 'training hours' and not by calendar months as this rewards Students who train with greater frequency. These periods will be available from your Club Leader.


TIAE Promotional Flyer

Please download & print copies of the flyer for use in promoting your club & Takemusu Iwama Aikido Europe:

Takemusu Iwama Aikido promotional flyer




TIAE Grading Syllabus

Current TIAE grading syllabus (Jan, 2020) covering 6th Kyu to 4th Dan (opens PDF document). Subject to change:

Takemusu Iwama Aikido grading syllabus

TIAE Grading Fees

Dan Grade fees (Jan, 2020)

Shodan, Nidan & Sandan application form [opens Word document] (Jan, 2020)

Yondan, Godan & Rokudan application form [opens Word document] (Jan, 2020)

Dojo Etiquette

It's always important to act and behave correctly when in a Dojo. Here is a short guide on Dojo Etiquette