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Takemusu Iwama Aikido Europe Head OfficeSensei Sargeant

Sensei Tony Sargeant, 6th Dan Aikikai

Technical  Director of  T I A E

Little Gransden, Bedfordshire


Keighley, West Yorkshire

Sensei Alexander Gent

2nd Dan Aikikai

Sensei Paul Lowing

Technical Director

5th Dan T I A E

AikiFlow Bradford

Bradford, West Yorkshire

Sensei Raj Soren

Qualified Children's Instructor

1st Dan Aikikai

Junior and Adult classes
Cafe West
Wanstead crescent
BD15 7PA
Friday 6.30-7.45pm

I enjoy teaching both juniors and seniors. It’s wonderful to see how enthusiastic children are especially when they learn ken and jo. Its great to see them develop and build confidence as well as grow as talented aikido students. We take students from the age of 4 onwards. We are patient with the children and focus on fun as well as learning. Sensei Soren has over 30 years experience at teaching martial arts to children.


Bideford, North Devon

Sensei Richard Small

5th Dan T I A E

Allander Aikido Club

Bearsden, Glasgow

Sensei Richard Thomson

6th Dan T I A E

Lanarkshire Martial Arts

Motherwell, North Lanarkshire

Sensei David Carty

3rd Dan T I A E

(Police Only)

New Forest Aikido

Ringwood, Hampshire

Sensei Peter Reynolds

6th Dan T I A E

Sensei Kevin Haywood

2nd Dan T I A E

Sensei Mark Berry

2nd Dan T I A E

Musubi Aikido

Finchampstead, Berkshire

Sensei Doug Edwards

4th Dan T I A E

Reading Zenshin Aikido Club

Reading, Berkshire

Sensei John Garmston

5th Dan Aikikai

Sensei David Partington

3rd Dan Aikikai

Sensei Paul Weston

3rd Dan Aikikai

Tonbo Aikido Cambridge

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Sensei Jenny Ousey

5th Dan T I A E

Sensei Nigel Porter

4th Dan Aikikai

Sensei Laurence Hobson

3rd Dan Aikikai

Russian Clubs

Avtovo Dojo

St Petersburg, Russia

Sensei Slava Vyacheslav

5th Dan Aikikai

DODZE Aikido club

Saint Petersburg (Primorsky District), Russia

Sensei Evgeny Vinogradov

4th Dan Aikikai

Cherepovets Aikido Club

Cherepovets, Russia

Sensei Sergei Stolyarov

5th Dan T I A E

Sensei Viktor Zabelin

5th Dan T I A E

Traditional Aikido School

St Peterburg, Russia

Sensei Boris Dobryakov

2nd Dan Aikikai

Leningraskaya Street,

St. Petersburg




Vologda, Russia

Sensei Tarasov Yuriy

3rd Dan Aikikai

Teachers, Clubs or Dojo's who train in Iwama Aikido in the UK and Europe

Kizen Aikido Club

Iwama Style Aikido

Athens, Greece

Sensei Giannis Mihailos

3rd Dan Aikikai

Dimitris Ziotis

Piraeus club, Greece


Outdoor small group classes in traditional Iwama Aikido weapons

Ken, Wooden sword, and Jo, short stick

Basic work to straighten the body and study unarmed self-defense

Personal lessons if required, Contact for full days & times: +30 6972836510

Dimitris Ziotis

3rd Dan Aikikai, Instructor of Iwama style Aikido