New Aiki Classes

To attract people to aikido from a world that has filled people’s hearts and minds with many fears of the covid year. No matter what that world is like, they can achieve a peaceful place through aiki.
First the teacher needs to know what it is and what it can offer . and it needs to be presented differently to the old ways.
Key elements might be.
Practical techniques.
Body fitness for purpose, which does not mean big muscles but accessing the ones we have.
Relaxed connectedness for finding whole body power. (Using your mind !!!)
Developing a mindset that is actually useful to you, non-confrontational but still powerful.
Understanding your limitations as regards self-defence.
Knowing the difference between self-defence, self-awareness, and following the way of a martial art.
Ki exercises that will amaze you with their effortless power.
Spatial awareness.
Awareness of intent, body language. Neutral postures, non-judgement and its value.
Finding the peace within self and moving with confidence.
Discovering the reality of the world outside and acting appropriately. (Where to sit or stand within a space, light, doors etc zanshin)
Avoiding conflict, verbally, posturally and by where you go and when.
Health defence is also self-defence.
Develop the core principles rather than focus on techniques. The exercises you start with, and develop the principles, are far more important than the techniques.
Systema and Tai chi last a life time, so does Aikido. The older teacher is an example of benefits. They haven’t had to retire at middle age.

Just my thinking. But how you get people through the door I don’t know because everyone seems to think these days that they are entitled to protection and don’t need to act for themselves. ‘The, you can’t touch me syndrome.’
Well they damn well can . so better do something. Richard