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  1. I really enjoyed this video. Sometimes from only one lesson in another art, I learned something of lasting value and which I recall to this day. A judo teacher who showed how to take the mind, strangle, tap ankle and back to strangle … sets up a working technique. Boxing … a minute in the ring with a county level boxer immediately told me my place in life. Ego destroyed and respect created, winchung .. that it’s quicker to ignore their strike and not block it but strike them yourself … loads of other points but these I value highly. I laughed at Ki style aikido until I met a practitioner that could move where they liked without effort despite me trying all I knew to stop him. From tai chi, some tiny old guy who could almost launch people into space … the karate teacher who said his block was like brushing crumbs from his gi … amazing power. We need this experience of other arts in order to have perspective. In my opinion .

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